Noosa North Shore
Completely unplug and unwind
24th Wednesday to 26th Friday April 2019

The ultimate rejuvenation and self-nurturing retreat in one of Australia’s most beautiful nature settings.

2-Day retreat

Complete relaxation in our most idyllic location yet!

24th Wednesday to 26th Friday April 2019

Noosa North Shore is the ideal location to unplug from technology and our fast paced lifestyle to reconnect with nature and recharge your batteries.

Noosa North Shore is home to hundred of species of wildlife and is surrounded by white sandy beaches. Only 10 minutes from Hastings St Noosa but removed from the hustle and bustle.

This boutique retreat caters to all of your senses to help you unwind and reboot. Stay in luxury eco-style homes nestled into the bushland. These beautiful houses are a short walk to the beach and the open plan design will provide you with the space you need to relax.

Be surrounded by the sounds of kookaburras and watch the kangaroos as the sunsets over Noosa River. Enjoy delicious organic local produce nutritionally designed and partake in morning walks and ocean swims whilst gaining clarity on your goals and learning strategies to enhance your wellbeing for a lifetime.

This retreat is the perfect balance with all of your activities and meals taken care of whilst there is also time for you, where you can reflect and explore Noosa North Shore in your own unique way.

Our retreats are bespoke experiences. We aim to target the retreat content and activities to the goals and interests of those attending.

Set goals and build skills to create the life you want

Learn key psychological skills that will enhance mood, promote wellbeing and help to manage difficult thoughts and emotions.

Explore Noosa North Shore and relax in nature

The perfect balance of your own time and activities to enjoy the beauty of the north shore

Nourish your body

Enjoy organic nutritionally designed meals and engage in daily movement practices to help you honour and nurture your body. Stay in tranquil accommodation to help you unplug and unwind.

Retreat Details

24th Wednesday to 26th Friday April 2019

What's included:
• Two nights accommodation in eco-style houses nestled in the bush
• Nutritionally designed meals and snacks for your stay
• Daily movement classes
• Workshops to enhance health and to create the life you want

Own room - $800
Shared room - $665 - (book with a friend to enjoy this offer)


Enjoy a relaxing day connecting with unique healers and like-minded people in a safe environment, discovering your own meaning that will tap into endless sources of motivation.


Address the barriers that are keeping you stuck from being yourself, and that are stopping you from living the life you want. Learn about health, wellbeing and nutrition.


Learn how to open up and connect with yourself and your environment. Enjoy the natural beauty and build your sense of connection with nature and your surroundings.


The Mind Body Resilience wellness retreat was a life changing experience for me. This time away from family gave me a break from everyday stresses and provided the perfect opportunity to think deeply about what really matters to me, as well as relax and recharge. I gained clarity on my values and how I can create the life I want to live that is in line with those values. I set new health, professional and personal goals that are actually realistic and attainable. The small group size, balance of activities and down time, and stunning Noosa surrounds made this a simply perfect retreat experience. I will be back!


The retreat exceeded all my expectations! It was the perfect balance of organised content and activities and free time. It really gave me the time and space to explore issues that needed addressing in my professional and personal life and I came away with much more clarity about the changes I needed to make.


The retreat was well balanced with content and down time. It is a great way to step back from your life and look at it with different eyes -seeing what is important and what is not, and then committing to following through with positive change. I have grown as a person from being on this retreat.


I’m genuinely grateful for the experiences I had on the Mind Body Resilience retreat. The retreat gives you time and space to really focus on what’s holding you back, and the facilitated sessions give you the experiences and the tools to truly move forward and make impactful change in your life. The venue was beautiful, the catering was nourishing, delicious, and plentiful. I would do this retreats again in a heart beat – whether you just need some time out, trying to get back on track with goals, or want to change the direction of your life, this is the place to do it.