About Mind Body


M ind Body Resilience provides products and services aimed to enhance your ability to cope with stress, connect with your meaning and enhance vitality.  Products are focused on building psychological strength throughs skill in evidence-based practices that are associated with health, wellbeing and happiness.

Created by Dr. Samantha Clarke, a Clinical Psychologist (Ph.D.) and Personal Trainer, Mind Body Resilience builds knowledge and skills to enhance resilience so individuals are able to deal with stress more effectively enhancing their overall sense of vitality and purpose.  Through ‘skill in evidence-based practices’ associated with health, well-being, and happiness, Samantha assists participants to build psychological strength.

Mind Body Resilience also offers well-being retreats for individuals and health industry professionals, and tailor wellness workshops for your workplace.

Other services include coaching, supervision, group wellbeing programs, personal training and group fitness classes.