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Samantha Clarke is well known for her skills in Mindfulness and Acceptance interventions. As well as her ability to create interventions that assist individuals at becoming clearer on their values and goals, and also the barriers that get in the way of living the life they want. Here is a list of the audio tracks and accompanying rationale:

Mindfulness of Breath

This meditation helps to develop a practice of mindfully watching the breath. The breath is constantly changing and is with us all the time, so using the breath as the anchor for meditation is excellent practice as this can be accessed from any place and at any time.


Body Scan Meditation

Starting to become aware of our body and also observing and releasing tension can be extremely helpful to reduce tension over time and to help align our mind and our body, which is often disconnected in our modern world. The more we train the mind to notice the body the more we are able to tune into what we are experiencing – noticeable early signs of stress add tension and find ways of reducing reactivity to this.


Movie Screen Meditation

This meditation is to help create an observing perspective of our thoughts. Being able to watch our thoughts mindfully without reacting helps us to become more aware of our mind generally and not be pulled around by the thoughts, beliefs, and stores that are naturally part of our human experience.




Connecting with Values


Train tracks: basics to self care


Acceptance as the key to changing others: Alanda Thompson and Samantha Clarke at TEDxNoosa

The Emotional Toll Of CIRS, CFS, Lyme And Related Conditions

Knowing Yourself on All Levels – Holistic Wellness with Sandeep Gupta MD and Samantha Clarke PhD

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