Noosa 2016

Mind Body Resilience
Reignite your passion; Kickstart your health

Has life lost its luster? Are you feeling stressed and burnt out?  Are you in need of some time to reconnect with yourself and your passions? Is your health not where you would like it to be? Well, look no further…

Mind Body Resilience has teamed up with some of Noosa’s finest services to help you recharge and reset ready to bounce into spring. Join us in waterfront accommodation from the 29th August until the 3rd September 2016.

Cultivate mindfulness and return to reality with the tools to live a happier, healthier, more connected life.

Mind Body Resilience creates wellbeing experiences to help rejuvenate, revitalize and, most importantly, kick-start your wellness regime. The retreats combine evidence-based psychological strategies, along with movement practices and nutritional needs to arm participants with the skills needed to bounce back from stress, pursue goals and address barriers that ultimately arise in life.

The natural beauty of Noosa Heads provides the perfect backdrop for ultimate rejuvenation and a chance to reconnect with yourself in an authentic way. Evidence-based strategies coupled with a menu of activities (e.g. Yoga, group fitness sessions, massage, facials, beach and national park walks, stand up paddle boarding and more) provide the ultimate formula to recharge.

How are we different: MBR retreats are run by Dr. Samantha Clarke a Clinical Psychologist with 16year experience specializing in optimizing psychological and physical health. She is also a personal trainer and has a major in nutrition to ensure that each area of resilience is incorporated into your wellness plan. Targeting these 3 areas of wellbeing develops true resilience and by resourcing an individual with skills and knowledge, they can bounce back from stress, pursue their goals and address barriers that ultimately arise in life.

Reignite your  Passion and recharge your heath retreat: Noosa 2017

This is a boutique retreat with a limit of 4 participants to ensure truly personalized care.  Book now! Spaces are limited

Diamond Package Includes

  • 5 nights in Waterfront accommodation
  • All meals included enjoying delicious organic, nutritionally sound food. This also includes a welcome dinner and farewell dinner at 2 of Noosa’s most renowned restaurants.
  • A diverse range of daily movement practices including personal training, group fitness, yoga, Pilates, and barre, stand up paddle boarding, national park walks, ocean swims and more.  All activities are optional
  • Psychological skills to help you to reconnect with your purpose set effective goals and address the internal barrels that get in the way of you living in the way that deeply matters to you.
  • Nutritional information to guide healthy choices and supporting evidence to aid healing from the inside out
  • Create an individualized plan for health and wellness to ensure you are maintaining the practices that work for you once you leave the retreat
  • Workbook and audio resources to take away
  • 2 beauty treatments with Noosa’s most skilled beauty therapist at Ebony Beauty

    Tax deduction for business owners, health care professional
  • Our Retreats aim to: Relax, Rejuvenate, Renew
  • Be Pampered – Enjoy massage and beauty treatments.
  • Be Challenged – Address the barriers that are keeping you stuck and are stopping you from living the life you want.
  • Be Inspired – Connect with unique healers and discover your own passion and meaning that will tap into endless sources of motivation.
  • Be Educated – Learn evidence-based information about health, wellbeing, and nutrition that can be applied to your lifestyle.
  • Be Resourced – Build skills in resilience so you can attain goals even when roadblocks arise.
  • Be Vulnerable – Learning to connect with our vulnerability and compassion is key to authentic relationships and a healthy way of caring for ourselves. 
  • Be Connected – Learn how to open up and connect with yourself, others and your environment. Enjoy the natural beauty and build your sense of connection with nature.