The Mind Body Resilience wellness retreat was a life changing experience for me. This time away from family gave me a break from everyday stresses and provided the perfect opportunity to think deeply about what really matters to me, as well as relax and recharge. I gained clarity on my values and how I can create the life I want to live that is in line with those values. I set new health, professional and personal goals that are actually realistic and attainable. The small group size, balance of activities and down time, and stunning Noosa surrounds made this a simply perfect retreat experience. I will be back!


The retreat exceeded all my expectations! It was the perfect balance of organised content and activities and free time. It really gave me the time and space to explore issues that needed addressing in my professional and personal life and I came away with much more clarity about the changes I needed to make.


The retreat was well balanced with content and down time. It is a great way to step back from your life and look at it with different eyes -seeing what is important and what is not, and then committing to following through with positive change. I have grown as a person from being on this retreat.


I’m genuinely grateful for the experiences I had on the Mind Body Resilience retreat. The retreat gives you time and space to really focus on what’s holding you back, and the facilitated sessions give you the experiences and the tools to truly move forward and make impactful change in your life. The venue was beautiful, the catering was nourishing, delicious, and plentiful. I would do this retreats again in a heart beat – whether you just need some time out, trying to get back on track with goals, or want to change the direction of your life, this is the place to do it.