Mind Body Resilience specializes in retreats and wellness intensives for health professionals and the general public 

General Public 

MBR thrives on creating wellbeing experiences to help rejuvenate and revitalize and most importantly Kick-Start your wellness regime. These retreats combine evidence based psychological strategies, movement practices (personal training, Yoga, etc.) and all your nutritional needs. Targeting these three areas of wellbeing can develop true resilience and by resourcing an individual with skills and knowledge they can bounce back from stress, pursue their goals and address barriers that ultimately arise in life. 

On these Retreats expects to;  

• Be Challenged – Address the barriers that are keeping you stuck and stopping you from living the life you want  

• Be Pampered – Enjoy massages and beauty treatments

• Be Inspired – Connect with unique healers and discover your own passion  and meaning that will tap into an endless sources of  motivation 

• Be Educated – Learn evidence based information about health, wellbeing and nutrition so that you can start applying this to your lifestyle 

• Be Resourced – Build your skills in resiliency so you can attain your goals even when the worst happens 

• Be vulnerable – Learn to connect with your vulnerability And compassion to build authentic relationships with others and truly care for yourself 

Health Professionals Retreats

Our Wellness Intensives and retreats aimed at health professionals are to assist wellness experts in enhancing their own and their clients self care. Each retreat has unique learning objectives all aimed at up-skilling health professionals, helping you to reconnect with your values and passion to enhance your personal and professional life. Skills in Mindfulness, Motivation, self-care and overall wellbeing are the focus. All skills are evidence based and enable you to acquire professional Development points with your professional body. 

Take time out to reconnect with yourself and other practitioners in beautiful location in Australia and around the world. Enjoy massage treatments, nutritional meals, and group fitness classes whilst you also attend your daily workshops. 

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