Friday April 27, 2018

Self Care Practices for Health Professionals using ACT
Invited Speaker at the 2018 APS College of Clinical Psychology Conference

Creating self-care practices for health professionals using ACT and goal ownership. This workshop aims to build practitioner self-care to assist health practitioners in enhancing their overall wellbeing, increasing their engagement within the therapist role and enhance their resilience. The workshop will utilise research and skills in goal ownership, Self Determination Theory applied within an ACT model of delivery. Evidence linked to lifestyle choices will be presented and practitioners will learn to address their own barriers to self care and use principles of goal ownership to enhance motivation and create a change in their own wellbeing. These skills can then be transferred to the clients they work with and the students they supervise.

Prevent Burn Out

Build awareness of your own personal burn out profile and build skills to prevent burn out and enhance vitality.

Create Change

Address personal barriers to behaviour change and learn strategies to enhance motivation for you and those you work with.

Reignite Your Passion

Often within the profession we can lose the sense of purpose and vitality in our work. Re-connect with your values and share with fellow colleagues to renew meaning.

Workshop Details

2018 Clinical College of Psychology Conference Adelaide
Hilton Adelaide, 233 Victoria Square Adelaide, South Australia
27th - 29th of April 2018

Professional development hours: 6

Learning outcomes:
- Understand the role of key lifestyle factors in poor and good health
- Understand the internal and external barriers for implementing lifestyle changes and how to address these using ACT
- Be able to link lifestyle changes to values and intrinsic goals to assist adherence and long term change
- Learn how to set effective goals to bolster goal attainment
- Build self care practices and regimes to ensure their own professional longevity and prevent burnout

Who is this for:
This workshop is for health practitioners who want to enhance their self-care, long-term wellbeing and build skills to improve lifestyle factors of those they work with. There will be a significant amount of experiential activities and participants will be asked to explore their own values and barriers to aid their learning. This workshop may be of particular interest to practitioners who have an interest in health psychology, ACT and positive psychology. No prior learning is required.