Wellbeing Services

Clinical Supervision

Dr. Clarke is a registered Clinical supervision with APHRA and the APS. She provides clinical supervision to Intern Psychologists to meet board requirements. Dr. Clarke is also passionate about working with a range of Allied Health professionals to enhance their clinical skills and self-care strategies.  Samantha also provides Critical Incident Debriefing and Group Supervision within organizations.   

Workshops tailored for your workplace

Dr. Samantha Clarke is passionate about encouraging change within organizations, services, and businesses.  She has provided training to a number of services to enhance the cohesion of the team, build skills in stress management and resilience and enhance service delivery. Dr. Clarke will meet with you to assess the needs of your service and create an evidence-based program to meet your needs.

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching is aimed at helping you to create a deeper connection with your sense of meaning and purpose plus helping you build skills to create a clear pathway to get there.

Samantha’s area of expertise is tailored to help people tap into their unique passions and interests and to use this as a motivator to help them achieve their goals. Her Ph.D. is in the area of goal setting and striving and assisting people in setting goals they will achieve.

Business mentoring is also offered to enhance communication and interpersonal effectiveness skills. Build team leadership skills and goal achievement for those within companies.

Wellbeing Groups

MBR runs a series of wellbeing groups aimed to enhance the following;
– Stress management
– Meaning and purpose
– Physical and psychological vitality
– Self-care and self-compassion
– Manage depression and anxiety
– Building connection and vulnerability

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