About Mind Body


M ind Body Resilience was created by Dr Samantha Clarke (PhD) Clinical Psychologist, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Samantha had been working with people on psychological difficulties for many years and although she enjoyed this process and could see people growing and changing, she felt this approach had its limitations. This was when she began to dive into the research and practices of enhanced wellbeing. Samantha is passionate about helping arm people with skills and knowledge to help them live the best version of themselves and to move towards what maters most to them. So Mind Body Resilience was born.

Our focus at MBR is to enhance your ability to cope with stress, connect with your sense of purpose and enhance vitality. MBR aims to promote psychological strength through evidence-based practices that are associated with health, wellbeing and happiness.

These 3 areas of wellbeing: psychology, movement and nutrition are targeted to boost your ability to bounce back from stress and move towards the life you want. MBR specializes in helping people move towards nurturing and caring for themselves and becoming clear on their goals and values. We are passionate about helping you create long-term changes in areas that matter most to you.

We specialize in creating personalised wellness plans to help you move towards long-term change.

 “The essence of wellbeing is how we care for and nurture our mind and body. True resilience can only be found when we learn how to nourish our body and master our mind” Samantha Clarke.