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So often we hear about post traumatic stress and the distress that people encounter after a difficult life circumstance. However, did you know about post traumatic growth? 90% of people reported at least one positive psychological growth that arose in the aftermath of trauma. This it through building psychological resilience.

It’s likely that following a trauma you have a shift in your perspectives either in the area of relationships, purpose and self wisdom.

It’s likely that we start to really value relationships where we have been able to express vulnerability and feel closeness. You can experience clarity about those who are most important to you. There is a greater appreciation for these people and a reprioritising of these relationships.

Clarity of personal purpose is also a common side effect following a trauma. This can be a sense of direction in vocation and greater clarity of values.

Lastly, we can also experience a greater sense of personal strength and wisdom. When we go through something challenging and we come out the other side we can look back at how we coped and develop a sense of inner trust as you were able to get through something so difficult. This is resilience you can take with you into future scenarios, knowing that if the worst happens you can still cope.

There are some specific psychological practices you can do on the aftermath of trauma which have been shown to really improve your chances of post traumatic growth. More on this in our next blog.