Are you a mum who would like to feel less stressed, more patient, and more connected to your family? At Mind Body Resilience, Clinical Psychologist, Dr Samantha Clarke has developed an audio program just for you.

The program will help bring joy back into your life and move you from a place of surviving to thriving. It’s a series of 14 short audio episodes that you can move through at your own pace. You receive one episode in your inbox every 2-3 days. Our program will provide you with some simple skills that will last you a lifetime, long after any challenging phases pass.

Wouldn’t it be great to look back proudly at how you’ve managed your challenging times?

What’s included

– 14 short audio tracks delivered straight to your inbox (one every two to three days)
– Simple actions steps that can be easily incorporate into your existing routine
– Free written and audio resources to help you put things in place at your own pace
– A free gift of one additional program for you to share with a friend or family member

All for a one-off payment of $18

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Buy one, gift one

When you buy one program for $18, you receive one program free!

At Mind Body Resilience we value community and connection. It’s difficult to physically connect with your tribe right now, but we love that we can provide you with a program you can gift to share this experience together.

What to expect

In this audio series you will learn skills including how to:

– Set up your day in a way that supports wellbeing
– Identify your personal stress cues and plan your responses
– Enhance your support systems and make the most of your time
– Reconnect with your values and build skills in self care
– Shift your mind set and curb unhealthy habits
– Help your kids manage unhealthy habits
– Improve your close family relationships

Meet Dr Samantha Clarke

Samantha is a wellness leader assisting people in achieving their goals and enhancing their health for more than 18 years. She is a clinical psychologist (PhD), a nutritionist and personal trainer. This expertise enables her to harness the three key areas to wellbeing – psychology, nutrition and movement. Samantha believes that wellbeing and vitality come from incorporating a holistic approach to health care.

Samantha’s PhD focused on how to create effective goals and assist people in creating personal meaning and addressing barriers to motivation and change.

Samantha has been featured the media shown below.

For more information about the ISOLUTION program, please contact us.