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Mind Body Resilience thrives on creating wellbeing experiences to help rejuvenate, revitalise and most importantly kick-start your wellness regime. Our retreats combine evidence based psychological strategies and movement practices (personal training, yoga, paddleboarding, walking and more) plus nutritional advice, guidance and plans. Targeting these three areas of wellbeing helps to develop true resilience, giving you the resources and skills you need to bounce back from stress, pursue goals and address barriers that ultimately arise in life. Our retreats are suitable for anyone of any age, both male and female, looking to improve overall health, fitness and state of mind.

We also offer wellness intensives and retreats for health professionals who are interested in enhancing their own, and their clients self care. Each retreat has unique learning objectives; aimed at up-skilling health professionals, while helping them to reconnect with their values and passion, as well as enhance their personal and professional life. All skills taught throughout our retreats are evidence based, including mindfulness, motivation, self care and overall wellbeing.